Joyce Brinkman
Spirit and Place Festival: A Poetic Journey Through Urban America

Brick Street Poetry Inc. and DePauw University’s Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics will present A Poetic Journey Through Urban America on Nov. 8 as part of the Spirit and Place Festival. An agenda with more information is attached.   The program will feature readings from the poetry anthology,¬†Urban Voices: 51 …

November 8, 2014
Joyce Brinkman
Poetry on Brick Street Presents: Ruthelen Burns and Joyce Brinkman

Brick Street Poetry Inc. will once again host poetry readings in the Indianapolis Artsgarden in celebration of National Poetry Month. Every Monday during the month of April, two Indiana poets will read their work during the noon to 1 p.m. lunch hour. Bring along your lunch and sit at one …

April 28, 2014
Joyce Brinkman
Earthquake Rising

Shaken from my bed, I arise to see a blood orange moon stuck between two steel arms of electricity’s skeleton.   Ducks in rippling water chatter nervously, as if looking for the one who stirred their pool.   China cups in place, I wonder if someone from the other side …

April 18, 2014