The humanities are essential to helping us lead fulfilling lives. They spark enjoyment, illuminate ideas and build resilient and inclusive communities. We believe the practice of the humanities can be a force for strengthening the civic fabric of our state.

What are the humanities?

Often grouped as the fields of history, literature, philosophy and ethics, world languages and cultures, religious studies, archaeology and other related disciplines, “the humanities” are not a thing but a process for pursuing truths about the shared human condition. They inspire, engage and enrich us, allowing us to remember our past, envision our future and consider ourselves as individuals and as members of communities. In essence, the humanities are the study of, participation in and sharing of the things humans make and the things that make us human. The National Endowment for the Humanities, the federal agency that makes our work possible, defines the humanities here.

Our vision

We’re striving for an Indiana where the humanities belong to everyone, where action is rooted in insight and where community grows from conversation.

If we fulfill our vision, we know the resulting impact will be transformative.

Hoosiers will be changed by practicing the humanities as a part of their daily lives, and collectively our communities will be stronger and more collaborative.