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Welcome. We're glad you're here. Whether on purpose or by accident, you've turned to Indiana Humanities because you're someone who enjoys the humanities (history, literature, cultural studies, philosophy or ethics, etc.), or as we like to say: you enjoy thinking, reading and talking.

Maybe you've come to find resources for your community, to learn about something or to have conversations (online or in person). Take a look around—we hope you find what you're looking for. And if not, just ask. We're here to help.

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We engage Hoosiers in statewide conversations by asking questions and working with a variety of partners to create one-of-a-kind programs that encourage us all to think, read and talk.


We support communities by partnering, providing resources, building capacity, connecting, listening and uplifting.


We serve as a neutral convener for people to come together, since community grows from conversation.


We support Indiana nonprofits with grants for public humanities projects.

Featured Program


The Smithsonian’s Water/Ways exhibition is ready to make a splash in Indiana! The exhibit dives into water—an essential component of life on our planet, environmentally, culturally, and historically.

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Social Alchemy:
A Collaborative Effort to Explore Utopia in Indiana

In April, listeners near and far tuned in to hear the debut of a podcast episode telling the mystical and tragic journey of Father George Rapp, founder of an early-1800s utopian society at New Harmony.

The podcast is just one component of a multifaceted, multiyear project called Social Alchemy, produced by Big Car Collaborative in conjunction with partners across the state.

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