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With Your Help, We’ve Been Doing Great Things for 50 Years

In September 1972, Indiana Humanities was born.

Since that moment, we’ve worked to help Hoosiers tackle difficult questions, understand varied perspectives and connect across divides. We’ve served our community as a trusted neutral convener, supportive grantmaker and innovative program partner. We’ve sought to provide context to a world that continues to baffle, delight, frustrate and elude us. And we’ve made it all fun, because life is too short.

For the next 12 months, we’ll be celebrating all that we’ve accomplished in that half-century, and remembering the people we’ve been lucky to work with, the places we’ve been able to visit and the lives we’ve been privileged to touch.

We’ll also be imagining our future. What will the next 50 years of Indiana Humanities look like? With our values of curiosity, community, creativity, inclusivity and partnership as our guides, we’re excited about what we can accomplish, and we invite you to be a part of the work we’re doing to seed and feed good projects and great ideas across our state.

It’s our vision to help shape an Indiana where the humanities belong to everyone, where action is rooted in insight and where community grows from conversation. We want to share the joy, imagination and power of the humanities statewide.

Let’s Do More Good Work Together

We want to build on our momentum and lay a solid foundation for our next generation of work. Over the coming months, we’ll be asking for support for the Indiana Humanities Future Fund to help us create exciting, innovative new programs and grants, chart a course for the next 50 years and cultivate our next engaging statewide theme on citizenship and democracy as part of the national commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

With your help, we’ll continue to equip Indiana’s communities to connect, converse and create vibrant, more resilient futures together. Join us!

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Join the Meredith Nicholson Society

With a donation of $1,000 your support can truly be transformational for an organization or community. In recognition of this level of contribution, you’ll receive membership into the Meredith Nicholson Society, which is named for the Indiana author who built the historic home where Indiana Humanities now resides. Learn more about joining.

Matching gifts

Double your impact! If you’re donating to Indiana Humanities, and your employer matches your philanthropic gifts to nonprofit organizations, please remember to submit any required paperwork or inform us of any actions we need to take.

Planned giving

If you want to make a gift that will impact the lives of Hoosiers in years to come through planned-giving – including gifts from retirement plans or in your will – contact us for more information.