February 19, 2018
Request for Proposals issued for research project

Indiana Humanities is seeking proposals to propose and conduct research this spring that explores Indiana’s urban, suburban and rural connections and divisions.

Calling all researchers! We’re seeking proposals to help us conduct research in Indiana and use it to inform the programs and themes of a new initiative.

Indiana Humanities will implement a two-year thematic initiative in 2019 and 2020 with a variety of programs and grants that engage Hoosiers with the humanities. Though we’re still in the process of framing the theme, we know it will explore urban-suburban-rural dynamics (e.g., differences, divides, tensions, misperceptions, similarities). Really, what we want to look at is the relationship between Hoosiers across geographic lines, considering how the futures of urban, rural and suburban Hoosiers are linked, as well as uncover the current state of relations and the longer history of how Hoosiers and Americans have thought about this relationship.

Before we build programs around the theme, though, we’d like to better understand those dynamics and invest in research that explores how our geographic boundaries affect us. In Indiana, due to a variety of historical and present-day factors, other kinds of difference—racial, religious, political, economic, social/cultural—can almost always be mapped alongside urban-rural lines.

We’d like research to help us explore these essential questions:

  • What would urban, rural and suburban Hoosiers agree are shared challenges? Do they perceive any shared opportunities?
  • What would urban, rural and suburban Hoosiers identify as differences among themselves?
  • What kinds of thoughtful decisions do Hoosiers think need to be made about our shared challenges?
  • What kinds of humanities interventions or solutions can help Hoosiers make more thoughtful decisions?

If that’s something you’re interested in partnering with us on, read our Request for Proposal.

Questions? Here are a few answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. (Posted March 5, 2018)

Important dates:
RFP deadline: March 9, 2018 (5 p.m.)
Selection made: March 20, 2018
Research conducted: April 1 – June 1, 2018


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