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Congratulations on receiving a grant from Indiana Humanities. We’re excited to fund your project and help you deliver humanities-related programming to your community. We want to make sure that you focus most of your effort on developing a successful project with positive impact and that the time you spend administering your grant is as smooth as possible. To help with this, we’ve provided a number of resources on this page.

Frankenstein Grants

Did you receive a Frankenstein grant? If so, go to and fill out the final report that applies to your grant. 

Megan Telligmann, Frankenstein Program Manager / 317.616.9409

Quantum Leap Grant

Did you receive a Quantum Leap Grant? If so, check out the following tools to keep you on track. 

Action Grant

Did you receive one of our Action Grants? If so, check out the following tools to keep you on track.


Historic Preservation Education Grant

Did you receive one of our Historic Preservation Education Grants? If so, check out the following tools to keep you on track.

Note: We’re transitioning our reporting process to online forms and have updated our project director guidelines accordingly. If we awarded you a grant prior to 2017, you received a previous version of the project director guidelines with forms created in Microsoft Word. While we encourage you to move to our new online system, you may close out your grant by using the old forms in the Forms section below.


Did you receive an INcommon Grant? If so, check out the following tools to keep you on track.

All INcommon projects must be completed by October 31, 2017; final reports are due November 30, 2017.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for a grant?

Nonprofit entities, including public libraries, schools, and government agencies, may apply for Indiana Humanities grants. Individuals are not eligible. Applicant organizations do not have to have 501(c)3 status with the IRS, but they must be tax-exempt. 

What is the source of funding for Indiana Humanities grants?

The National Endowment for the Humanities, through an annual grant to Indiana Humanities, provides support for the grants program. The Historic Preservation Education Grant program, however, receives half of its funding from Indiana Landmarks. 

What is the maximum time period for the grant project?

Grant projects funded in a particular calendar year should have an ending date no later than October 31 in the following year (so for example, a project awarded funding in June 2017 should be completed by October 31, 2018).

 What should I do if I can’t complete my grant in the original timeline?

If you find you can’t meet the project deadline as set forth in our grant agreement, please contact the director of grants to discuss how best to proceed.

Are indirect costs allowed?

Indirect costs, up to 10 percent of direct costs, may be included in the grant request. An additional 25 percent of direct costs may be included as indirect cost share (matching).

 What should I do if need to revise my program and it’s different than what I proposed in my grant application?

In circumstances such as this, please contact the director of grants. Depending on what you plan and how well it fits into the outline of your original proposal, we may be able to approve the revision and fund the project under our grant agreement.

 What happens if I receive a grant but decide not to do the project?

If you’re unable to accept the grant for any reason, please inform the director of grants in writing and we will “deobligate” it.

What is the CFDA number for this grant program?

For organizations that need to track their federal grant awards, these grants are funded under a program of the National Endowment for the Humanities that is identified as 45.129 in the Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA).

What is the National Endowment for the Humanities grant number under which funding for this program is provided?



If you have questions about these resources or requirements related to your grant, please contact Indiana Humanities’ director of grants at 317.638.1500 (toll free 800.675.8897), ext. 128, or