Black Poetics of Place

Danicia Monét Malone, a doctoral student in geography and urban studies at Temple University, will examine public and private built environments to learn about the historical ways that Blacks have built, maintained and passed down their methods of Black living. Looking at architectural design to analyze vernaculars of space, Malone’s work will establish patterns of urbanization and cultural accoutrement within historically Black Indianapolis communities such as Norwood, Sunnyside and Haughville and will highlight innovative diasporic identities of Black homesteading otherwise lost or overlooked by a White spatial imaginary. Through her research, Malone will unearth a rich body of architectural infrastructure created by Black architects and designers throughout Indiana, adding to the cultural canon of historical design.

Danicia Monét Malone holds a master’s degree in nonprofit management and sustainability from Indiana University. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in geography and urban studies from Temple University. Malone serves as programs manager and researcher at the Purdue University Black Cultural Center, where she curates enrichment programs and researches the correlation of race and place. She cofounded BlackSpace Indianapolis and has served as a fellow at Americans for the Arts, Transportation for America, Next City and other organizations.