December 5, 2012
Your favorite moment of the year…

For today’s blog post, we took to Social Media and asked: What was your favorite moment of the year?

Here are a few of the responses:
Matt Belsaas (@OdinBelsaas): Drafting Andrew Luck!
Terry Anker on Facebook: The day that somebody walked into the Legacy Fund Community Foundation office with a $1,000,000 check. They weren’t looking to name a building or issue a press release. But they saw need and wanted to share.
Michael Kobrowski on Facebook: Having a group of over 40 people we helped organize for an overnight paranormal investigation/fundraiser in the Athenaeum building. Such a wonderful historic building and so much energy!
Tom Davis on Facebook:  Camping one windy night in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in southern Californina, the sand sifting into our tent like fine snow, waking early the next morning to hike alone and watch the sunrise, then hiking in the rain later in the day with family up Palm Canyon to an amazing grove of desert palms and seeing Big horn Sheep high on the slopes on our way back. Favorite Indiana moment would be one of the nights we watched flocks of geese noisily land at the bird sanctuary in Eagle Creek park. Watching Bob Dylan with my son here in Indianapolis would be right up there too.

Add your favorite moment of the year below or on our Facebook page!

Indiana Humanities is participating in the December Think Kit challenge by writing something every day based on a writing prompt provided by the folks at SmallBox

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