July 27, 2011
Where We Live features Hoosier treasures

Indiana is home to many historic and iconic buildings and sites that have helped shape the character and personality of the great Hoosier state. Luckily some of these unknown and forgotten treasures are honored by Indiana Landmark’s weekly radio program Where We Live. The program airs all over the state on public radio stations and is available online via podcasts.

After perusing some of the upcoming shows, I must say I am intrigued at how unique some of the stories are. I know my fair share of Hoosier history and this list of buildings, towns, and architectural feats is very enlightening. Indiana Landmarks go beyond the obvious and find the deep cuts that are truly interesting and illuminating.

For example, one segment that aired in April highlighted the difference between a gargoyle and a grotesque. Most people don’t know what a grotesque is and would be interested to learn that what most people consider a gargoyle is actually a grotesque (click here for more information on this episode.)

These kinds of stories are what make the program a joy to listen to. Just by looking at the themes for the upcoming shows I was forced to Google some: Did you know that Evansville use to produce two giant LST naval ships per week during World War II!? It’s information like this that gives historical context to stories and areas of our state that some people just consider another corn field. Hopefully Where We Live will show people that Indiana has great untold histories located in every corner of the state.

For more information on the show, including a listing of podcasts you can go here.

This post was written by Alex Miser.

Indiana Landmarks, photo by Matt Kyle

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