April 15, 2010
When Did I Get Old? – IndyTalks

The 21st century will not only be a time of a growing global economy, but also a time when aging Baby Boomers will retire. How can this generation deal with the aging process in the age of globalization? A local video production crew travelled Indiana to explore the lives of older adults in a wide variety of settings and situations. These stories, along with insightful conversations with a panel of leading experts, make up the DVD “When Did I Get Old?”

On Apr. 21, 6:30 p.m., at the Athenaeum, the University of Indianapolis Center on Aging will present the next program in the IndyTalks series. The audience will have the opportunity to watch one segment of the DVD and participate in a thought provoking discussion about minimizing the rough spots in the aging process and maximizing the opportunities unique to our older selves. Participants will be coached on how to use the DVD and Discussion Guide to facilitate future discussion within their own significant groups and organizations.

Location: Athenaeum/Rathskeller, 401 E. Michigan Street, Indianapolis

Organized by: University of Indianapolis Center for Aging & Community

Contact: Ellen W. Miller, Ph.D. (Executive Director) emiller@uindy.edu or 317-791-5932

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