January 5, 2012
What role does competition play in your life?

The first of many anniversary trips to baseball stadiums.

Competition has played an enormous role in my life; in fact it is the basis of many of my relationships.

My dad turned me into a tomboy at a young age and kept me up late watching IU basketball or Yankees games (featuring Indiana boy Don Mattingly). The two of us have visited Wimbledon together, watched Butler vie for a national basketball title and our beloved Yankees win the first of their World Series games in the ‘90s.

My sister was my first true coach and taught me how to shoot, set and hurdle. While we were often teammates, we were better cheerleaders for each other in later years when our sports interests diverged.

My husband and I are competitive in everything – from euchre to Jeopardy to tennis. Luckily, we share a love for the Yankees (hard to find in Indiana); otherwise the union just might not work out! Each year we get tickets to a game in a baseball stadium we’ve never been to together.

 So that’s my story…what’s yours? Leave a comment below and tell us how competition has played a role in your life, or those around you.

This post was written by Kristen Fuhs Wells, director of communications at Indiana Humanities.

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