June 9, 2010
Visit Your Farmers Market Saturday
Farmers' Market Basket

(Photo by Kristin Hess)

Summertime in Indiana can be full of sports games, 4-H fairs, campfires, and good eating. So while you are out enjoying the sun and family, drop by for “Visit Your Farmer’s Market Saturday” on June 12. Here you can experience a relaxed atmosphere, many vendor choices, and fresh produce to pick from. Also, don’t forget that local artisans will have a variety of unique food products like hot sauces, delicious baked goods or Indiana wines.

The family can meet the Hoosier farmers that grow the foods that your family enjoys and will supply you the ingredients for a great family dinner. Let your children ask how they raise the strawberries or get the milk.  It is a chance to create great memories and new traditions.  (The kids might even learn something, but don’t tell them—they’ll never go!)

If you are not sure how to find a local farmers’ market, the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) in partnership with the office of Tourism Development is proud to offer the Indiana Farmers’ Market, U-Pick and Agritourism Directory on-line.  You can search by farmers’ market or click on the map by county and see all the agricultural destinations each county has to offer.

At the Broad Ripple Farmers’ Market, the Indiana Humanities Council will display a portion of the Food for Thought traveling exhibit, which will feature a historical and contemporary look at Indiana’s food culture. The entire exhibit will travel across the state to attend Indiana’s fairs and festivals. Visitors will have the opportunity to see, touch, taste, and hear about food through artifacts, images, hands-on learning tools, and an oral history booth.

From our families to yours, we hope that you enjoy Indiana’s many Hoosier farmers’ markets and other agritourism destinations! Enjoy!

Written by: Jeannie Keating, Manager of Media Relations, Indiana State Department of Agriculture

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