July 28, 2010
Vacation list: Books, magazines, sunscreen

I’m going on vacation next week and what’s the thing I’m most looking forward to? It’s not the beach or the Five Guys burgers I’ll enjoy (especially now that I can get them in Indiana!). It’s not the chance to unplug for a week or to dip my toes in the sand. It’s the books that have been piling up on my nightstand. And the magazines. And the journal I’ve once again forgotten.

Vacation, for me, is a time to see the sights and indulge. But it’s also the best time to read, write and reflect.

So I’m packing a book I’ve had my eye on for over a year, and finally purchased. I’m packing a workish-related book on loan from the library, my two National Geographics I’ve pushed aside, and, of course, my journal.

What am I leaving behind? The textbooks I’ve been studying for 12 weeks. The minute-by-minute e-mail checking. When I return, I hope to be well-read (and well-fed) and relaxed.

What books got crossed off your list due to vacation reading time this year?

This What-are-you-reading-Wednesday post was written by Kristen Fuhs Wells, the Council’s communications director.

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One response to “Vacation list: Books, magazines, sunscreen”

  1. Ann Hinson says:

    Kristen – On vacation this summer I read Michael Koryta’s new (I think) book – So Cold the River. It’s set in French Lick and is a ghost story of sorts. It does require a bit of suspension of belief but, on the whole, it was entertaining. This book is next month’s selection for my book club.

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