June 17, 2010
Traveling exhibit begins!
Loving our Council Garden

(Loving the chives in our Humanities Council backyard garden!)

Hello, Food for Thought friends! I’d like to say “hi” and introduce myself as Kristin, the Food for Thought traveling exhibit companion.

I’m about to embark on a journey that will take me here there and everywhere throughout Indiana to fairs, festivals and events that support learning, reading and talking about Indiana food. I’ll begin tomorrow with the North Judson Mint Festival. From the Pierogi Fest “Year of the Jello Mold,” to the Tipton County Pork Festival and the Indiana State Fair, I think it’s fair to assume there will be plenty of adventures with the traveling exhibit, both at events and on the road!

Swiss Chard Fan

(Going to have to get resourceful on the road- Swiss chard fan, anyone?!?)

I decided to be a part of this because I’m passionate about food, conversation, festivals and embracing the unknown. As for now, I know several places I’m going, but what happens after arriving is totally open to the people, events and activities. There’s so much to learn and experience from town to town, and I cannot wait to see how the Food for Thought traveling exhibit manifests itself in each location.

Under the exhibit section of our blog, you can check back to read about the places we’ve gone, people we’ve met and stories we’ve heard. This will certainly be a learning experience, but one that’s bound to bring about a deeper appreciation for Hoosier food and the people who produce, consume and love it.

…can’t wait to get started!

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