October 8, 2013
Top Five Things to know about Humanities at the Crossroads

Arts-humanities-imgAs we roll into the fall months, the Humanities at the Crossroads – Indiana Case Study (HAC – ICS) project is in full swing and full steam ahead. As a quick reminder, the HAC – ICS is a project to determine and study the health and collaborative network of the humanities within the state of Indiana. Indiana Humanities was chosen to implement the case study as a national model. Nancy Conner, project coordinator, and Nick Kappas, research assistant, have worked tirelessly along with the help of the Indiana Humanities staff since the project’s inception in order to make it as much of a success as possible. Here is a quick update of what is going on so far.

1. Indiana Humanities worked closely with the Indiana Case Study Task Force and CIRCLE, a civic engagement research institute at Tufts University, to develop the survey, and the preliminary results will be available by mid-October.

 2. The HAC – ICS survey ended on September 30th at midnight, when a total of 352 organizations and individuals had fully completed the survey, giving us a return rate of 40 percent. 

 3. Indiana Humanities will host a preliminary series of convenings this fall to explore the early survey results. 

4. Through these convenings we hope to fill in any gaps and tie together how the humanities work throughout the state.

 5. The HAC – ICS project will then move into its last transition period from survey gathering and discussion to dissemination in 2014. 

This post was contributed by Nick Kappas, research assistant, Humanities at the Crossroads. 

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