June 27, 2012
Title IX Resources

As part of our Spirit of Competition initiative, we have spent the month of June recognizing the 40th anniversary of Title IX. So have many other organizations around the country, as this historic legislation impacted generations of women — and not just through sports. Title IX allowed women to compete on the court, in the classroom and in the boardroom.

Want to get more involved? Nominate your Title IX hero by July 31, 2012. Learn more.

Here are a few resources that help tell the Title IX story:

Listen in to the INconversation with Ann Meyers Drysdale, held in partnership with the Indiana Fever

Read this Indianapolis Star column on Birch Bayh, the “father” of Title IX, by Matthew Tully

In this opinion column, Judge Sarah Evans Barker (who participated in an Indiana Fever/Indiana Humanities panel), discusses lessons from Title IX

Read this perspective by a mother of a young girl on the Indiana Chamber of Commerce website

Learn about the “mother” of Title IX, Eleonora Sears from The Daily Beast

Watch a short video from The White House that features Madeleine Albright, Birch Bayh, Tamika Catchings, and more:

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