September 16, 2011
Tips for Book Clubs

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Have an idea for book club coordinators or a tip for discussion leaders?

Share it by leaving a comment below – and thanks!

Here are some ideas for book club games & icebreakers from the website, LitLovers.

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4 responses to “Tips for Book Clubs”

  1. Christie says:

    Best tips for discussion leader:
    Don’t talk too much; it’s difficult but let your group respond to your thoughts and questions.
    Don’t always sit in the same spot. Move around the table or circle to try to engage different people.

  2. Lynell Wolff says:

    Drawing out the quiet book club participant is often the hardest thing to do but it is so important to give each person a chance to describe his or her reading experience. Each person’s opinion has value regardless of whether they liked the book or not.

  3. Nancy Conner says:

    Thanks for your suggestions, Christie & Lynell! Good advice.

  4. Thanks for the update on “Tips for Book Clubs | Think.Read.Talk.”. Best Regards – Celestine Wooden

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