October 20, 2017
2017 TILT Recap

Want to learn more about TILT: An Art& Humanities Mixer's four topics?

On October 18, Indiana Humanities and the Arts Council of Indianapolis presented TILT: An Arts & Humanities Mixer. Bravo to Leah Milne, Katherine Fries, Rebecca Shindel and David Allee for delighting us with insightful talks and kudos to the audience for rising to the occasion with playful and provocative questions. It was a fun, experimental and thought-provoking night. We loved having you there!

Here are a few places to dig deeper into each of of last night’s four topics:

Afrofuturism: Where to start?! Mark Derry’s 1994 essay “Black to the Future” first coined the term, while the New York Times wrapped up 2016 with this look at Afrofuturism’s next generation. Then move N.K. Jeminson’s Broken Earth trilogy to the top of your book pile! (Follow Leah @DrMLovesLit)

Letterpress: Learn all about the resurgence of letterpress in this 2017 Heartland Film Festival selection, Pressing On, mentioned by Katherine during her talk. Or hustle over to two of our favorite letterpress shops: check out UIndy’s Hullaballoo Print Shop or Muncie’s Book Arts Collaborative to get your hands inky. (Katherine’s on Instagram all over the place: Artist: @katherinejfries | Print: @paintxnumberpress | School: @uindyartdesign)

Jeremy Bentham: Wrestle with the many startling ideas of Jeremy Bentham, overviewed here in Stanford’s Encyclopedia of Philosophy. And get a close up of the thinker’s head in this fascinating video from Atlas Obscura. (Rebecca, as feels right for a rare books conservator, hasn’t gotten on board with 21st century social media.) 

Latin Jazz: Listen to the legendary “Manteca” recording from 1947, when Dizzy Gillepsie and Chano Pazo forged Afro-Cuban rhythms and African American jazz, giving birth to Latin jazz. (Follow David @TheJazzKitchen)

As always, you can check out photos from the event on our Flickr page here

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