November 10, 2015
TILT: An Arts & Humanities Mixer [Recap]

On Tuesday, Oct. 27, we joined forces with the Arts Council of Indianapolis to host TILT: An Arts & Humanities Mixer! In celebration of National Arts & Humanities Month, our organizations used the event to blend the best of the arts and humanities. The event featured two rounds of an artist and a humanist discussing two totally different topics. The short talks were followed by a completed wacky Q&A from the audience. Bravo to our experts Cathy Day, Michael Pettry, Ted Frantz and John Alvarado for delighting us with insightful talks and kudos to the audience for rising to the occasion with playful and provocative questions. It was a fun, experimental and thought-provoking night. Read all the chatter here.

Want to learn more about the four topics discussed at the event? Here are a few places to dig deeper:

Society Pages (Talk by Cathy Day): Hoosier muckraker David Graham Phillips investigated the misdeeds and tangled loyalties of Washington politicians before tackling the real powerbrokers in The Social Secretary, cited in Cathy’s talk. Read the whole book for free online!

Pipe Organs (Talk by Michael Pettry): Read All the Stops: The Glorious Pipe Organ and Its American Masters for a delightful tour of the instrument’s history and the curious characters who’ve devoted their lives to it. Want to feel the pipe organ’s power for yourself? Hear a spooky live performance this Friday at Indiana Landmarks!

Warren G. Harding (Talk by Ted Frantz): This dead president has been in the news a lot lately, for all the wrong reasons: his love letters and his love child.

Flamenco (Talk by John Alvarado): Practice clapping along to the rhythms on this playlist of flamenco great Paco de Lucia.

We look forward to hosting more mixers in the future!

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