December 6, 2012
A community of thinkers & doers

The Indiana Humanities community is a statewide network of thinkers and doers. They’re active citizens, entrepreneurs, educators, and thought-provokers. They’re people like you.

Luckily, we get to engage with a number of you through programs like Community Conversations — where we address a critical issue in your community and help facilitate and catalyze conversation about sometimes-difficult topics. We also meet many of you through our intimate INconversation or think and drink-style Chew on This events.

What we would like to do this year is plan for an even deeper connection next year. We want to meet more of you around the state and help put on humanities programs that speak to your community. So, tell us –> what types of humanities programming do you want to see in your community next year? How can we help by providing a grant to a local nonprofit or partnering on a program?

Indiana Humanities is participating in the December Think Kit challenge by writing something every day based on a writing prompt provided by the folks at SmallBox. This post was written by Kristen Fuhs Wells, director of communications.

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