April 16, 2012
The World Food Prize Indiana Youth Institute

    The World Food Prize Indiana Youth Institute, hosted and sponsored by Purdue University, encourages high school students from across Indiana to research and write about a key global issue relating to food security and agriculture.  As a participant in the Institute, students will have the opportunity to present their research and recommendations about how to solve these global challenges, meet and learn from other Indiana students, collaborate with global leaders in science, industry, and policy, and participate in educational sessions.

In order to attend the Institute, students must write a 4-5 page research paper on the topic of their choice due August 31.   Selected students will travel to West Lafayette to participate in the Institute, and while at Purdue, five exceptional students will be selected to travel to Des Moines to represent Indiana at the Global Youth Institute in October.  This prestigious program, held every year, brings together the best and brightest teachers, students, and Nobel and World Food Prize Laureates to tackle the ever growing problem of food security in today’s world.  While at the Global Youth Institute, participants are eligible to apply for the prestigious Borlaug-Ruan International Internship or the USDA Wallace-Carver Internship.

All research paper entries are due by August 31, and The World Food Prize Indiana Youth Institute at Purdue University occurs on Sept. 13-14.  For more information on the paper guidelines, click here.

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