July 21, 2010
The Longest Dinner

The Longest Dinner1IndyFringe presents The Longest Dinner, an eclectic dinner at one long table on July 29 at IndyFringe Theatre. Not your ordinary dinner – all food is prepared slow food style and served paired with Fringy entertainment.

Chef Thom England of Slow Food Indy has partnered with IndyFringe for three years to prepare a delectable meal. In an effort to make the food even more local, this year’s vegetables are being homegrown by a volunteer gardener,  Eloisa Gauza, at her home in Zionsville. Fringe volunteers will be helping harvest the vegetables just days before the dinner. 

Fringe Festivals and Slow Food are both global movements, so the partnership was quite organic, so to speak. Slow Food is not only about the preparation of food using local ingredients, but also taking time to enjoy your meal and the company that surrounds you. This year we will pair dance, juggling, music and more unexpected delights with each course to get the conversation around the dinner table flowing around the arts. We can’t think of a better way to launch our program for the 2010 IndyFringe Theatre Festival in August. 

The Longest Dinner, July 29, 6 p.m. Tickets are $55 and can be purchased at indyfringe.org or by calling 317.522.8099

Written by Justin Brady, marketing coordinator for IndyFringe.


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