October 28, 2011
The Kindness Cab visits Indy, inspires Indiana Humanities

Leon Logothetis, who is driving his “Kindness Cab” across America provided visitors and residents in Indianapolis with free cab rides today. But, first, he was met by a group at Indiana Humanities intent on matching his kindness.

An author and TV host, Leon departed New York City’s Times Square on Oct. 24 in a drive across America in his British-style cab. In each city he visits, he offers free cab rides to anyone who hails or calls him. At the end of his travels, he’ll make donations to American schools – including a $500 donation to help one school in Indiana.

When Indiana Humanities heard about Logothetis’ journey, we decided to match his $500 Indiana gift. We were inspired to match the donation to draw attention to something that will cause people to think a little differently and talk to someone new. Plus, we wanted to showcase our famous Hoosier hospitality. When Leon’s done, we want him to look back and say, ‘Indianapolis was by far the friendliest place I visited.’ Check out a video of his visit to Indianapolis:

Leon is re-tracing the route he took in his National Geographic TV series “Amazing Adventures of a Nobody,” for which he crossed American with $5 in his pocket, relying entirely on the kindness of strangers. Now in his Kindness Cab, he’ll give back to the cities and communities that offered him kindness. In each city, he’ll offer free rides to strangers, but keep a running total of the local fares he accrues. He will arrive in Los Angeles for World Kindness Week Nov. 14. 

Leon picked up Kristen and Kristin during a visit to Indiana Humanities’ offices in the historic Meredith Nicholson House at 1500 N. Delaware. He also received a “kindness package” and posed with a giant check before giving them a free cab ride to the Super Street Food Showdown at City Market.

Indiana schools can register by Nov. 14 for a random drawing of $1,000 by registering at www.ClassWish.org/freebooks.

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