November 23, 2010
Thanksgiving Poems

The Thanksgiving poems below are samplings submitted by 7th graders at The Orchard School


                                                20,000 Calorie Poem

                                                Is your stuffing tasty?

                                                Is your turkey plump?

                                Do your potatoes smothered with gravy,

                                            Have nothing but a lump?

                                             Where does everything go,

                                           once you’ve seen it with your?

                                              I think I have an answer,

                                            once you’ve ate all the pies.

                                              I know I have a answer,

                                          It goes straight to your thighs!


It All Ends Up in Disaster

A Thanksgiving disaster

Is something I can master.

Whatever it takes

Whatever I bakes

It all ends up in disaster

Potatoes blown up

Green pumpkin syrup

The oven smells bad

My cousins are sad

It all ends up in disaster

I hear, “Eat the peas!”

(he disagrees)

I run into my sister.

She cries

She cries

She cries

She cries

She hits me ‘till I blister.

Whatever it takes

Whatever I bakes

It all ends up in disaster.

Don’t make fun of me,

Because I’ll beat you like Bruce Lee

And it doesn’t matter if our Thanksgiving  Is like big old Hurricane G.


Thanksgiving Poems


The sweet smell near me

It’s so warm and inviting

Come to me turkey


Thanks what does it mean

Many meaning around me

Does it mean giving


Leaves swaying with me

Red and gold leaves fill my mind

Brings sweet memories


Leafs many colors

As they fall from the trees, leafs

They fall gracefully


Pumpkins round and fat

Field of orange, pumpkin patches

Get your carving tools


What is fall, what does it mean

 Why does it make me feel serene?

Why are the colors so warm and welcoming?

Why do we dress up on Halloween?

Fall what does it mean?


The Parsley


My mom was washing the Parsley in the shiny metal sink What’s that?

It looks like bits of rock

What a shock

Grey and hard

Let’s wash out the shards

Thanksgiving dinner

Pass the stuffing please

Don’t tease

Scoop it up onto the plate

Dad’s eating already like usual

His chewing unusually loud

What’s that?

A crunch?

I hear something grinding in his mouth

My mom cries out, “Rob, what are you chewing?”

My dad replies, “I don’t know. I’m eating stuffing.”

My mom tells us I think it may be the parsley I take a bite Crunch, crunch Mom?

There was rock in the parsley

But I thought I washed it all out

Laughter breaks out

There is rock in the stuffing!

Ha, ha



Oh, How I Love My Peppermint Patty Dessert

My stomach never growled

My head never spun

I have done everything

My plate is totally clear

People chewing all around me

I really did not know what to do

My head held high

All I had to do was wait

Then comes the big moment

To finish everything off

Here it comes….

I hear the tin foil pulling its way back The aroma of peppermint fills the house I felt the chills running up my spine

The clean plate will soon be gone

As the dessert comes along

The perfect cut square will be missing

In only a few minutes

As I gobble down that peppermint patty dessert.


A Happy Thanksgiving Day

Apple pie, pumpkin pie, all of these yummy things Turkeys on plates, with potatoes nearby Don’t forget the brussel sprouts With gross spinach untouched in a bowl I enjoy all these things That fill my tummy high

After a meal

Of stuffing my face

I wait for the feeling

Of my stomach flattening down

When it comes to me

I go outside

I see all of the pumpkins

Shivering under the frost

I see many deer under the apple tree

Scrounging the ground for the last of the fallen apples They hear me come and bound away With their tails up high Enjoying this happy Thanksgiving Day



The air grows crisp,

And cool with the wind,

Once more,

Summer recedes,

We pull out our hats and our boots and our gloves, As winter knocks on our door.

Colors will change,

From light to dark,

The evening will come just to soon,

Birds leave their nests,

South they will sore,

As winter knocks on our door.

Time has passed,

It has slipped through our hands,

And know it rests on the floor,

As winter knocks on our door.

Yet we gather with family and friends,

As the warmth draws to an end,

We have much to be thankful for,

We eat and laugh,

Talk of years past,

As winter knocks on our door.


Give Thanks

Give thanks

For the beef franks,

The turkey,

 The potatoes,

The bread

And the pie

Give thanks

For family,

And friends,

For God,

For another year

And another beginning

Give thanks

For fortune,

Give thanks,

For good times,

And memories,

Give thanks,

For togetherness,

For friendship,

Give thanks

For the beef franks,

The turkey,

 The potatoes,

The bread

And the pie

Give thanks

For life

Give thanks

For love

Give thanks

For everything


Thanksgiving Poem

Food on the table

Saying prayers


Only candles

Dim lighting

“Let’s eat!” says one

“Dig in!” says another

Will the food taste good?

I take a bite

It tastes delicious

I like the food

I am thankful

I am thankful

I am thankful



Big delicious meal

just sitting there

Dimly lit room

People talking






When are we eating?

So hungry

So hungry

So hungry!


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