September 8, 2010
State Fair Storytelling Entries

The Indiana Humanities Council joined with the Indiana State Fair to create a humanities writing contest for Food for Thought, this year. 

We asked entrants to write a short story or essay about an Indiana memory related to food. It could be about a special occasion, a funny incident, a favorite dish, or an ethnic specialty.

Take a look at the wonderful responses we received!

1st place: How Life Wrote my Recipe by Liza Hyatt, Indy

2nd Place: Spring Bounty by Fancheon Resler, Bluffton

3rd Place: Berries for Jam by Sarah Miller, Whitestown

Honorable Mention:

Anticipation by Rachael Homkes, Lebanon

Fragrant Memories by Deborah Green, Fortville

Tuscany Springs to Life by Carol Faenzi, Indy

Food for Thought- Tomatoes by Tim Taff, Noblesville

Check back for more entries from the State Fair, as we’ll periodically drop them in.

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