September 16, 2011
Spirit of Competition: Testing Conversation Card Questions

In early 2012, we will launch our next initiative, Spirit of Competition, which will examine five core elements of competition: civility, rivalry, innovation, passion and failure.

As part of Spirit of Competition, we will be creating Chew on This conversation card decks, which will be used by schools, families, teams, retirement homes, etc. These cards serve as great ice breakers, connections for multiple generations and diverse audiences, and critical and creative thinking.

We have a draft of several questions, and we need your help deciding which questions make it into the final deck. So, try them out with your friends, colleagues and strangers over dinner, at work or while waiting in line at a concert. Ask mutliple generations the same question. Then, post below and tell us how it went. Which questions were the best? Did you come up with your own questions while discussing these? Post them below, too!

• How do we champion civility in a culture that values “swagger”?
• Is our political discourse more or less civil than in previous generations?

• How do our rivals define us?
• What’s the greatest rivalry you can think of? What makes it so great?

• What breeds innovation: necessity or competition?
• Sports equipment: Bring on the high tech or bring back the low tech?

• When does passion for something move from healthy to harmful?
• Is passion integral to competition? Why or why not?

• Should there always be winners and losers?
• Can you think of a failure you find inspirational?

• Can you describe a situation in which having to compete for something made you stronger?
• What are the best lessons to be learned from competition?

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