October 14, 2011
Scott Seay: Commonalities, Classics and Questions

 Each month, we ask an Indiana Humanities friend or partner how they think, read and talk. We feature that someone in the “How do you identify with the humanities” section of our e-newsletter. This month, it’s Dr. Scott Seay. Scott is an associate professor at the Christian Theological Seminary, where he teaches the history of global Christianity, and a pastor at the Brown County Presbyterian Fellowship. Scott will be a facilitator at our upcoming Chew on This: Moonshine & Morality. Join Scott at Old Pointe Tavern for an intimate and engaging discussion about the unintended consequences of legislating morality. Buy your $15 ticket (which includes a drink and appetizers, here.)

Scott, during a visit to mission partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with a group from the Indiana Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Think: There are very few new questions. Discover who in history has faced the pressing questions that you now face. What can you learn from them?

Read: Pick a “classic” of literature from a culture other than your own. Read it and try to appreciate why it is a “classic” to the people of that culture.

Talk: Engage others in ways that accentuate commonalities rather than differences. Never argue with anyone until you are able clearly to see things their way first.

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