August 30, 2011
Sally Jo Vasicko: Stretch your mind and imagination

Each month, we ask an Indiana Humanities friend or partner how they think, read and talk. We feature that someone in the “How do you identify with the humanities” section of our e-newsletter. This month, it’s Dr. Sally Jo Vasicko. Sally Jo is the co-director of the Bowen Center for Public Affairs at Ball State University, and works closely with Indiana Humanities on the Community Conversations program. Sally Jo says that she is proud of the work we do together because it gives citizens an opportunity to express their views. In the past three years, nearly 1,250 Hoosiers from across the state have participated in Community Conversations.

Think. Thinking is contemplation and stretching your mind and imagination.

Read. Reading is a way of expanding your senses, horizons, and appreciation of life’s adventures.

Talk. Talking results in learning and laughter most of the time.

For more information about our work with the Bowen Center for Public Affairs on Community Conversations, click here.

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