February 13, 2013
Rivalry: The Kite Runner

Competition can be found in multiple facets of the novel The Kite Runner. One main source of competition is between Amir and his self. Throughout the course of the novel, Amir struggles with guilt and unease about a significant event in his childhood. He is competing with his own conscience to make amends for his mistakes.

A second more tangible competition is between Amir and his childhood companion Hassan when they were growing up. The two boys seemed to be competing for Baba’s affections, despite the fact that Amir was his son. Their competition leads to the event that affects the course of both of their lives, and subsequently the novel.


In February and March, Indiana Humanities is exploring the topic of “rivalry,” as part of its Spirit of Competition theme. This book review was contributed by the students of Ms. Liz Browning at Cathedral High School, Indianapolis.

The Kite Runner is available through Indiana Humanities’ Novel Conversations lending library. Request a set (for free!) for your book club today.


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