October 13, 2010
ReadingUP on Thursdays

I look forward to Thursdays. That’s when I get to share my love of reading with my ReadUP buddy and listen as he slowly maneuvers his way through The Good Dog, by Avi, pausing at words he can’t pronounce and answering my questions about the context of a setting, or what he thinks will happen next.

Luckily, it’s enjoyable for my ReadUP buddy as well. He looks forward to continuing the story (he has other tutors on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and therefore must fill me in on what I missed) and enthusiastically answers my probing questions. But he struggles with making predictions, reading with emotion and mastering the art of punctuation.

So on Thursdays, we practice. It’s a half-hour of undivided attention (ReadUP tutors work with two students in half-hour intervals) that is designed to help him catch up with his peers before it’s too late.  

How do you share your love of reading?

Written by Kristen Fuhs Wells, communications director for the Indiana Humanities Council. Learn more about ReadUP, a program from United Way of Central Indiana, and how you can share your love of reading with an IPS 4th grader.

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  1. Mary says:

    I too am a ReadUP tutor. Having raised two daughters who are happily good readers who enjoy it as a hobby, I was devastated to learn of the challenges so many young people face when it comes to reading. I could think of no reason why I couldn’t do this, and every reason why I should.

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