June 28, 2011
Randolph County Top Ten

Indiana Humanities’ Food For Thought exhibit continued its statewide road trip with a stop in Randolph County to visit the fine folks of Winchester. The town, known for its racetrack and as the beloved home of the sugar cream pie, graciously welcomed the exhibit with a flood of support from the community and volunteers alike.

Enjoy this video from JuneFest in Randolph County, and be sure to check out the top 10 memories below!

Randolph County’s top 10 Food for Thought memories:

  1. Food For Thought was honored to be on display at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the brand new Towne Square Community Center.
  2. Wick’s Pie’s, known for its delicious pie and located in Randolph County, treated participants to a demonstration on how to make a strawberry pie.
  3. Kirstin Oswalt, head of the Randolph County Visitors Bureau, said “We were thrilled to give residents of all ages a chance to engage in an exhibit that was relevant to what they do every day and to the fond memories they have.”
  4. The Mayor of Winchester, Steven Croyle, stopped by the community center before eating breakfast! He wished the exhibit was called “Food For Eating” instead of “Food For Thought.”
  5. A sugar cream pie baking contest was held to support the local food pantry. The public donated $1 to vote on their favorite piece of pie with all proceeds going to the food pantry.
  6. Several hundred participants, young and old, visited the exhibit and many shared their food-related stories in the exhibit’s Story Silo.
  7. Purdue Extension offered daily demos on food, ranging from peanut butter play dough to making soup with ingredients only found in a food pantries inventory.
  8. The exhibit was also in town for Randolph County’s JuneFest celebration, which featured live music and food vendors on the downtown square in Winchester.
  9. Many people in Winchester wish their town was the exhibit’s permanent home due to the fact that agriculture, food heritage, and green technologies are all major industries in Randolph County.
  10. Few things top combining the Food for Thought traveling exhibit with eating Winchester’s famous sugar cream pie!
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