August 28, 2017
Quantum Leap programs featuring women in STEM

Learn more about Indiana Humanities programming that specifically features women in STEM.

Quantum Leap Shelfie Challenge 
We’ve picked 10 of our favorite books about girls and women in STEM. Indiana middle schoolers who read at least five by the end of 2018 qualify for an Amazon gift card—and they can share their progress with us on Instagram and Snapchat, using our special Quantum Leap Snapchat filter! Our outreach partners include Girl Scouts, libraries and schools. Learn more.

Hoosier Women in STEM Wikipedia Edit-a-thon | October 21, 2017
Hoosiers are inventors, creators and innovators—we question, we tinker, we imagine. From the development of TV to the first man on the moon to the first video game console, Hoosier scientists, engineers, doctors and entrepreneurs have led the way. Yet most of the stories we tell are stories about men. In the history of STEM and innovation in Indiana, women’s stories have often been overlooked or poorly told.

To fix this problem, Indiana Humanities, the Indiana Historical Bureau, the Indiana State Library, the Indian Historical Society and the Indiana Department of Historic Preservation and Archaeology are teaming up for a Hoosier Women in STEM Wikipedia edit-a-thon! Hoosier history lovers, including volunteers, reference librarians and specialists—are invited to take part in this fun and focused day of research, writing and fellowship. Register here.

Ignite Your Superpower | August 17, 2017
Indiana Humanities is taking part in this one-day festival organized by Indy Women in Tech that invites 600 middle school girls to explore careers in STEM.

Books, Booze & Brains: A Book Club for the Scientifically Curious 
An all-woman power team is behind this new collaboration between Indiana Humanities, the Indiana State Museum, Central Indiana Science Outreach and March for Science-Indianapolis. Dr. Cari Lewis Tsinvoi will facilitate. Read about our book selections.

One State / One Story: Frankenstein
When it comes to asking the hard questions at the heart of scientific investigation, perhaps no book tops Frankenstein. This remarkable book, which turns 200 in 2018, was written by teenager Mary Shelley and has long been a key text for scholars working across the fields of literature, science and gender studies. Help us bring Frankenstein to life.

Other Quantum Leap Programs Featuring Women
We’ve made a special effort to include women scientists and creators as guests, facilitators and experts in our Quantum Leap programs. They include:

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