April 27, 2020
Q&A With “Raised in Contrast” Filmmaker Chad Perdue

Learn more about "Raised in Contrast" filmmaker Chad Perdue.

Earlier this year we toured the INseparable Films to eight cities and towns and now they will be available to enjoy from your home. On April 28, Raised in Contrast premieres on Facebook at 7 p.m. ET. Tune in here: https://bit.ly/RaisedInContrast 

As principal of DevLab Creative, Raised in Contrast filmmaker Chad Perdue spends most of his days giving clients the digital tools to meet their business and organizational goals. The company’s primary focus is professional video production, website design and development, and social media campaign strategy and execution.

Chad views each client’s needs as a chance to tell their unique story. With a degree in film and video and the inquisitive mind of an anthropologist, documenting diverse cultural perspectives is something Chad has often considered. While Raised In Contrast is his first short film, the opportunity from Indiana Humanities allowed him to exercise his creative mind and explore these often sensitive topics to help bring some context to the state of our society with hopes that real understanding may take place.

Before watching, learn more about Raised in Contrast filmmaker Chad Perdue:

How did you choose the story/topic of your INseparable film?

I had the idea for a few years. I was obviously familiar with my experience growing up mixed-race in a predominantly white community and talked with others my age and younger who had, for the most part, the same experience. I was curious how the experience of people of older generations compared to mine. Even though the times were much different, I suspected they had similar experiences.

What was the toughest challenge of making your film?  

Footage for the time. The stories took place in the 50s, 60s and 70s and I had few photos and videos to go along with the story.

As a director, what kind of stylistic choices did you make, and why?

I felt the most important aspect of the film was to make the audience feel like they were having a conversation with the subjects– I wanted it to feel homey and casual. I hoped that a more intimate style would be inviting and make the audience feel as if they knew the subjects.

Was there anything that got left on the cutting room floor or you couldn’t include for some reason that you’d like to share? 

Most of what I left on the cutting room floor was because of time. I was already over the 20-minute mark and had more to tell. We cut how difficult it was to date in high school and how well friends families accepted us.

What are you working on these days?

I have started a documentary series on Lebanon, Indiana high school basketball. Lebanon has a rich basketball history starting in 1910 and going through the late 80s.

Tune in to our digital INseparable Film Fest on Facebook on the following dates:

April 7: From Sundown to Sunrise (Valparaiso)
April 14: Hometown Media  (Wayne County)
April 21: The Earthkeepers (Bloomington)
April 28: Raised in Contrast (Lebanon)

After making their premieres on social media, the full films will be available to stream at inseparablefilms.org.

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