September 3, 2010
Putting good intentions into actions

My New Year’s resolutions in the past have always been about finding ways to improve myself, but this year I wanted to do something different. I decided to put a spin on my past promises and find a resolution that would improve the world around me. I have always wanted to help a charity but with a full-time career, marriage, and son to take care of, I’ve always found excuses to not give my time. But I realized a new year was the perfect time to turn my good intention into action.
In January, I kept my resolution and began researching which charity might be a good fit for me. I thought about what group I wanted to help and what I liked to spend my time doing. That’s when I came across Second Helpings, a non-profit organization created by three chefs who wanted to eliminate hunger, empower people and rescue food. Since its birth in 1998, it has salvaged millions of pounds of food and turned it into countless healthy meals for more than 50 area organizations that feed the hungry. This group also provides crucial job-training for needy adults who want to become self-sufficient chefs.

In March, I walked into the cheery kitchen of Second Helpings and was embraced by volunteers of all ages who made me feel like a part of the family. The most rewarding gift is knowing that the time I spend preparing and cooking a meal will be one a hungry child, elderly person, or other needy Hoosier won’t have to go without. Even though I only volunteer one Saturday a month, I feel like my small contribution is making a difference. It’s more fulfilling than I ever would have imagined and I know it’s the first resolution I won’t have any problem keeping!

This post was written by Katie Warthan, a senior promotions producer at WISH-TV, wife of Troy, mother to Tucker, and a Second Helpings volunteer.

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