INseparable was a multiyear thematic initiative that invited Hoosiers to explore how we relate to each other across boundaries, real or imagined, and consider what it will take to be inseparable.
The conclusion drawn from the near-constant polling, media commentary and academic analysis of the past several years is that America is culturally divided by its geography.

INseparable addressed the ways we’re the same and the ways we’re different; how we benefit from working together and when we’re fine on our own; the barriers we build and the ways we look beyond our differences; the progress we’ve made and our persistence to endure.

With programming that facilitated discussion, self-examination and fresh perspectives, Indiana Humanities sought to help residents from all settings cross boundaries and gather to explore the opportunities and challenges we share.

Key elements included a statewide read, stipends for Indiana filmmakers, a poster mailed to every school and library in Indiana, conversations and discussions, and the Crossroads: Change in Rural America traveling exhibit.

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Indiana Stories

Belt Magazine and Indiana Humanities teamed up to tell stories of how people from Indiana relate to each other across boundaries, real or imagined.

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One State / One Story

Our INconversation with Jean Thompson capped off a year of One State / One Story programming. Thompson, the New York Times best-selling author and National Book Award finalist for The Year We Left Home, is a Midwesterner with Indiana roots.

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In 2020, we helped fund and premiere five short films created by Indiana filmmakers that examine the ways Hoosiers experience urban and rural identities today.

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