April 24, 2019
Poetry Prompt #14

It's National Poetry Month, so what better time to write some poetry? Here's a prompt to get you writing from Butler University's Alessandra Lynch.

Let Observations

For inspiration: Linda Gregg’s “Let Birds

Sit outside for twenty-two minutes.  Close your eyes for several of those minutes and breathe deeply and slowly till your mind and body feel settled, unified.

When you open your eyes, slowly look around you making simple observations.

Write down those observations.

Choose the one with the most resonance to you and use that as your first line.  In your second line describe the season and time of day.  Then transform yourself into a part of what you see around you as Gregg does in her poem (“Me like a mare let out to pasture”).  Be sure to include a verb in your self-transformation.

Repeat the verb you’ve used in your metaphor to engender lines for the rest of the poem.

(“Let birds, Lets birds, / “Let leaf be passion.”)

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