May 28, 2013
Past/Present/Future: Library Innovation


Libraries inspire innovators with their great repositories of knowledge. However, these institutions do not only facilitate innovation, great libraries also actively innovate.



Indiana founded its first library while it was still a territory, making the library system the oldest agency of Indiana state government. While the territory was dedicated to the idea of a library, it was not funded until 1816. The state’s dedication to libraries continued into the 20th century when Hoosiers actively courted Andrew Carnegie for funds to build libraries in Indianapolis and across Indiana.

How have libraries influenced Indiana’s history?



Libraries have become not only repositories of knowledge, but also centers for social justice and community engagement. Some libraries host English as a second language classes, job workshops, and computer classes. Many libraries also plan programs for children, adults, and the elderly. Academic libraries are even weeding their collections to make more room for collaborative student workspace and additional computers with specialized software.

Have you used library resources in an innovative way?



With the increasing movement to digitize books, the Kindle, Nook, and other electronic readers are changing how readers check out books. Moreover, organizations like Google Books  and the Digital Public Library of America,  are also changing the nature of libraries as the sole repositories of knowledge.

How should libraries adapt in this increasingly technologically-driven world?


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