June 28, 2012
PASSION takes flight

In July and August, Indiana Humanities will switch gears to dig deeper into the core element “passion.” We’ll pepper social media and the blog with a question of the week, quote of the week, book of the week, and articles, videos and blog posts by guest authors.

But for now, here’s a sneak peek at what we have in store:

Think: Is passion integral to competition? How does your passion (or lack thereof) make you more (or less) competitive?

Read: A number of our Novel Conversations books, including The Hunger Games, The Soloist, and Wuthering Heights contain clear passion themes. Pick up one for your book club today!

Talk: What are you most passionate about? Talk to others about your passions and learn about theirs. (And let us know, too — go ahead and comment about your passions below!)

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