July 17, 2012
PASSION: Sports Gone Wrong

It’s no secret that sports can get pretty heated at times, and intensity and aggression are prized intangibles that lead to success. Athletes are forced to compete at or near an emotional threshold, which they are occasionally pushed over. When that happens, the uglier side of sports is revealed, as gloves are dropped, mounds are charged and punches are thrown.

What adds to the ugliness is the fans’ fascination with a bench-clearing brawl. We may say all the right things about how fighting is terrible, how it takes away from the game and sets a bad example for kids, but we’re on our feet and absolutely riveted when a fight breaks out.

Check out this collection of the 10 worst sports brawls here.

In many cases passion is a very desirable characteristic. People need passion to get up in the morning and do what they love. But is there such a thing as too much passion? 

In July and August, Indiana Humanities is exploring the topic of “passion,” as part of its Spirit of Competition theme.

How do you feel about fighting in sports?

What would you do if your hometown team initiated a fight?

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