August 20, 2012
PASSION: New Castle Little League Baseball Team

A little league baseball team from New Castle, Indiana has made it to the World Series of Little League baseball. With a passionate coach who always has positive things to tell his players and passionate players who are always willing to give their all, this New Castle team will play other teams from the United States and have a chance to meet teams around the globe like Uganda and Japan.

But it isn’t all work and no play for these New Castle players. They have met lots of other boys who love the game of baseball.

In Williamsport, Pennsylvania the New Castle players are rooming with the team from Uganda. When the players realized that the Ugandan team didn’t have shoes, hats, cleats and socks, they called their parents and the town of New Castle began a drive to help the team from Uganda. At the end of the drive, there were 12 bags of clothing, hats and cleats for each player from Uganda. (Read more)

To read more about this great team click here and don’t forget to watch the New Castle baseball team in the Little League World Series Monday at 8pm on ESPN2!

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