December 10, 2012
Our holiday tradition

Every year, our Indiana Humanities staff has a non-traditional holiday lunch with a few special friends. The price to join us: a used book.

Then, we proceed with our holiday gift exchange. We typically have some sort of competition to determine the order of who picks first, but we’re never disappointed to grab the last book in the stack.

Last year, my contribution was Friday Night Lights and I walked home with Run, by Ann Patchett. (It was a very Spirit of Competition-heavy affair as we headed into the theme!) This year’s is next week at a super-secret restaurant in town. I’ve already lined up the book I’m going to pass on to a colleague or friend — and I’m getting my hopes up for what I’ll come home with.

What holiday tradition do you most look forward to?

(I took a little liberty with today’s ThinkKit prompt, which is: What holiday traditions do you want to start this year? This will be our 4th holiday book exchange.)

Indiana Humanities is participating in the December Think Kit challenge by writing something every day based on a writing prompt provided by the folks at SmallBox. This post was written by Kristen Fuhs Wells, director of communications.

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