December 1, 2012
One photo says it all

Indiana Humanities will be participating in the December Think Kit challenge, so we’ll be posting something on our blog every day based on a writing prompt provided by the folks at SmallBox. Today’s is about showing our year in photos.  And, boy, do we have a lot of those!

If I could pick just one, though, it would have to be this one:

There was a lot of happy screaming the moment these books arrived — we were very proud of the finished product — and this photo reminds me of that time.

It also sums up our year, because while we were involved in lots of other things — from Super Bowl XLVI panel discussions to Community Conversations in Dubois County to providing books for small book clubs —  Food for Thought: An Indiana Harvest changed us at Indiana Humanities. On the surface level, it changed some of our job responsibilities, but it also changed the way we thought about our jobs and our role in taking the humanities to Hoosiers. It changed the way others interacted with us and how they thought of us.

So, here’s my question back to you: Did one photo in Food for Thought: An Indiana Harvest change you? What’s your favorite photo and why?

This post was written by Kristen Fuhs Wells, director of communications for Indiana Humanities.

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