September 25, 2012
Olympians Show Civility in London

With a gold medal on their mind, it’s easy to think Olympians only care about themselves. But, at the recent 2012 London Games, these Olympians (including the World’s Fastest Man) did the exact opposite. From stopping an interview during another country’s national anthem to consoling a player on the opposite team to trading jerseys with opponents. In such an intense competition, it’s reassuring to see these Olympians show true sportsmanship.

The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt from Jamaica, stopped a live interview on the track at Olympic Stadium to show respect for the United States while the national anthem honoring the victory of Sanya Richards-Ross played. Read full article (and see the video) here.

As Japan celebrated its victory of the women’s football (soccer) semi final, Aya Miyama from Japan showed civility by consoling opponent Camille Abilly from France. View photos here.

In September, October and November, the Indiana Humanities is exploring the topic of “civility,” as part of its Spirit of Competition theme.


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