April 15, 2014
Ode to Dogs

I am tired of hearing about dogs

used as metaphors for the uncivilized.

Imagine a world in which humans


possessed at least twenty times

as many olfactory receptors,

able to distinguish the tang of cancer


rising musk-like from the bedsheets

next to a smoldering ash tray,

able to detect that one drop of blood


in every five quarts of water,

to know what you did last night

no matter how many times


you soap-scrubbed the evidence.

It does not take savagery

but more love than we can muster


to lick the hand you’ve sniffed,

to love despite the perfume of sins

we wear each day like a halo.


-Michael Meyerhofer (Delaware County)

first published in Mid-American Review, Vol. 27, No. 2, Fall 2006


Michael Meyerhofer

Michael Meyerhofer is the author of three books and five chapbooks and he currently teaches at Ball State University in Muncie. His poem, “Ode to Dogs,” won the 2006 James Wright Poetry Award and previously appeared in Mid-American Review.

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