August 9, 2011
New music festival will feature fresh music and sights


Melt-Face; image provided by Big Car Gallery

The following intro was written by Michael Kaufmann, a former Indiana Humanities employee and current Director of Special Projects and Civic Investment at Health and Hospital Corporation.

Recently I have been obsessed with three themes.
Theme #1: We only experience transcendance through the dance of awkwardness.
Theme #2: Everyone speaks a different language in complete proficiency, we can’t assume that we completely understand even those who seem to be speaking with the utmost of clarity, or disregard those who seem to be speaking nonsense.
Theme #3: Experimentation is essential for uncovering and experiencing the riches of life.

I decided to curate a festival where all three of these themes would be embraced. A festival of multiple musical and visual languages that border on abstraction and the boundaries of understood or familiar aesthetic expression. And I hope all of you will seek out not only this opportunity but others, in which you are confronted with new languages and new voices.

OUTSOUND V.1 is the first in what is to become a yearly experimental music and video festival. This year features both local and out-of-town artists/musicians. The festival is a unique collaboration of programming between the Indianapolis Museum of Art and Big Car’s newly opened Service Center in Lafayette Square.

Big Car's Service Center

The festival is sure to be hit with Indy’s robust music and art crowd and is a great event to experience Big Car’s hip new Service Center for the first time. The festival will feature a mix of local Hoosier talent and out-of-town musicians all performing at the Service station and the Indianapolis Art Museum. The list of musical performances and their locations are listed below:

Aug. 10 at Big Car’s Service Center
7 p.m. ($5 – All Ages, beer available for purchase for those 21+)
music by…
– Nathan Monk (
– the glitch clique (
– dREKKa (
– Melt-Face (

Aug. 11 at Indianapolis Museum of Art
7 p.m. ($12 – All Ages)
music by…
Son Lux (
Helado Negro (

Aug. 12th at Big Car’s Service Center
7 p.m. ($5 – All Ages, beer available for purchase for those 21+)
music by…
– Jordan Munson ( – sound and visuals)
– Matt Davignon (
– shedding (
– Kristin Miltner (
– DMA (

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