April 17, 2018
National Poetry Month: “People Are a Living Structure Like a Coral Reef” by Heather Christle

April is National Poetry Month! Follow along for works curated by State Poet Laureate Adrian Matejka and the Official Track Poet of the 100th Running of The Indianapolis 500, Adam Henze.

In his interview with Adrian Matjeka, Kaveh Akbar says Christle’s poem is “full of defamiliarist wonder.” “People Are a Living Structure Like a Coral Reef,” is by Heather Christle, from Heliopause, courtesy of the author and Wesleyan University Press.

People Are a Living Structure Like a Coral Reef

People love to clean their ears and I love people

very much They are everywhere! Every single

thing I love I love for windows only and if

one window reflects another then friends

for me it’s all over And in the windows are trees

and in the windows are people What are they even doing

with their hunger and in their new shirts They are

taking care of themselves and they are taking each other out

for lunch Oh even the rain has to love them People

are just too attractive! and the rain places itself

on the window in order to be closer to the people

the ones who are eating The ones who are

busting out vigor Oh people You have to love

people They are so much like ourselves


Indiana Humanities is celebrating National Poetry Month in collaboration with Indiana Poet Laureate Adrian Matejka.  We’ll be sharing interviews with Indiana poets, discussion on poetic form and other poetry. See the full span on National Poetry Month posts here

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