April 12, 2018
National Poetry Month: “A Love Supreme” by Gabrielle Calvocoressi

April is National Poetry Month! Follow along for works curated by State Poet Laureate Adrian Matejka and the Official Track Poet of the 100th Running of The Indianapolis 500, Adam Henze.

In his interview with Adrian Matjeka, Kaveh Akbar names Gabrielle Calvocoressi as a “titan of metaphor” in poetry.  A Love Supreme  appears in Apocalyptic Swing (Persea, 2009).

A Love Supreme

You beautiful, broke-
back horse of my heart. Proud,
debonair, not quite there
in the head. You current
with no river in sight.
Current as confetti
after parades. You
small-town. Italian
ice shop next to brothels
beside the highway.
Sweet and sweaty. You high
as a kite coming
down. You suburban sprawled
on the bed. You dead? Not
nearly. Not yet.


Indiana Humanities is celebrating National Poetry Month in collaboration with Indiana Poet Laureate Adrian Matejka.  We’ll be sharing interviews with Indiana poets, discussion on poetic form and other poetry. See the full span on National Poetry Month posts here

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