October 19, 2011
Morality is the real firewater: A recap of Chew on This

Many people say alcohol is firewater. Not true. Morality is the real firewater.

Moonshine and Morality (of the Indiana Humanities Chew On This series) ignited the impassioned minds of the fifteen person round table conversation. The Libertine’s craft cocktails fanned the flames (re: photo on the right of Neal Brown, The Libertine owner, in fact, lighting the healthily heated talks over his cocktails) of how passionate we are when it comes to the intersection of law and morality. The matter of prohibition and its influence on culture catapulted everyone into a stirring talk (which by the way… I could tell you the names of who raised these terrific questions and had the stellar answers… but we’re keeping it anonymous, in fine speakeasy fashion).

Teetotalers should be proud. They may disagree with our bonding over booze, but they’d be mighty proud of our unwavering moral compunction. Guests shook things up by weaving in points on possible prohibitions of the future — on specific foods or animal treatment, for two. “Where’s the shadow of religion fall over law? Murder is clearly wrong. But gay marriage? And drinking?” One answer: “With all moral movements, political opportunists will always be there.” In the case of America, “special interest lobbyists outweigh popular opinion.”

No matter past or future legislation, opinions are present and a true gift. In the end, prohibition was repealed “and democracy prevailed.” One guest summed it with “democracy is an extraordinary thing.” And another guest’s lightning round finale, “America needs a buzz.” This American is still buzzing from the extraordinary example of democracy: a hearty, intelligent talk. Indiana Humanities in full. 

This post was written by Jon Tower Akerman,  community manager for Yelp Indianapolis. Jon was an official “tweeter” at The Libertine for Chew on This: Moonshine & Morality.

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