August 18, 2010
Learn the Art of Racing in the Rain

Enzo, the main character in The Art of Racing in the Rain, likes to ride shutgun in Denny’s car and go fast–really fast. He loves to watch races on TV, especially with Denny. Enzo is loving, heartwarming, funny, witty and wise. He can also be jealous, emotional and accident-prone.

Enzo is a dog.

The narration of this lovely little story about Enzo and his family is beautifully crafted by author Garth Stein, who completely grasps the human world as seen through the eyes of a dog. The story begins near the end of Enzo’s life and we join him as he reflects on the successes and challenges that his racecar-driving-owner, Denny, faced along the way.

Enzo is prepared to die–in fact, he almost welcomes it. While he knows it will be bittersweet to leave behind his canine life, Enzo is a firm believer that in his next reincarnation, he will be human. And wow, what he will be able to do as a human–just imagine his intellect combined with a voice and opposable thumbs!

As a Marley & Me lover, I knew this book was for me as soon as I read the book jacket. I was completely hooked early on, and finished it in only a few settings. It was a quick, uplifting read that I desperately needed.

This What-are-you-reading-Wednesday post was written by Kristen Fuhs Wells, the communications director at the Indiana Humanities Council.

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