May 1, 2012
Learn from your failures

Failure is one of competition’s core elements, and is a theme we explore in our Spirit of Competition exhibit and programming. For the next few months, we’ll dive deep into the abyss to explore our failures — and, most importantly, what we can learn from them.

Think: Thomas Edison once said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” How do you think about failure? (Share your thoughts below on the blog.)

Read: A number of our Novel Conversations books, including “Run” by Ann Patchett,  have great underlying or overt failure themes. Here are a few articles that deal with the topic as well:

The New York Times: In rural Indiana, even basketball suffers (Plus, Watch this video about an up-and-coming documentary on Medora, Ind., as a result of this article.)
Business Week: How failure breeds success
Fast Company: How do you handle mistakes

Talk: To your co-workers, your parents, kids and friends. Share your lessons learned and learn from others’ mistakes. Share yours on the blog, below.

Bonus:  Watch a Nike commercial featuring the ultimate victor, Michael Jordan, on his failures.

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